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SIC Inc. is a Power Logic Company

Service, Integration & Consulting, Inc. (SIC, Inc.) is a Manufacturers Representative covering North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Florida and Alabama. SIC brings expertise in plant automation and safety solutions to each OEM or End user we contact. With strong robotic integration, automation and machine safeguarding backgrounds we are able to provide distinctive solutions to a wide variety of our customer applications. Our distribution partners appreciate SIC being the experts they require at the sales call. We will show up in a suit and tie to present a safety seminar or provide distributor training. We are also not afraid to get dirty and dig in for an encoder/ motor survey or risk assessment. SIC will dress the part to get the job done.

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Sean Anderson

President/Sales Engineer
(919) 599-3921

  • Founded SIC Inc. in 2005
  • Formed SIC/Power Logic as Manufacturers Rep in 2006
  • 8 Years Experience as Robotic Applications Engineer
  • USMC Infantry Veteran
  • 2016 FS Engineer TÜV Rheinland

Tom Powers


Kent Davis

Sales Engineer - VA
(540) 819-4440

  • Joined SIC/Power Logic in 2011
  • BS Degree in Electrical Engineering
  • 10 Years experience as a Product Engineer
  • 16 Years Industrial Sales experience
  • Extensive experience in PLCs, HMI, sensor technologies, networks, motor controls, drives, and industrial switchgear

Greg Boyd

Sales Engineer
(803) 260-7325

  • Joined SIC/Power Logic in 2019
  • 2 years Technical Degree at ITT Technical Institute, EET - Degree
  • 10 years – industrial motor controls, Technical Support/ Sales
  • 15 years - Product Engineer experience, Sensors and automation / MC
  • 10 years – Manufacturing/ Industrial Maintenance
  • Experienced with Sensors Technologies, Motor Controls and Safety, Automation and Mechanical Disciplines.

Derek Sharp

Sales Engineer
(205) 478-8422

  • Joined SIC/Power Logic in 2019
  • 13 Years experience in automation products applications and sales.
  • 4 Years experience in industrial robotics applications and sales.
  • Experienced in robotics, safety systems, sensor technology, pneumatics and automation components.
  • 6 Years experience as a fire protection, medical gas and plumbing systems design engineer.